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RECORD STORE DAY 2014 – 4.19.2014


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Mount Analog & Record Store Day 2014!

Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 19 and we’d like to remind all of our awesome customers to mark their calendars and join us starting at 10AM for this fun celebration! Obviously you don’t need a special holiday to support your local record shop, but RSD gives us all a wonderful opportunity and extra reason to come together and celebrate the spirit of community and discovery through music.

For those wondering, we are indeed curating a SELECTION of “official” Record Store Day titles. Selections and quantities are limited, and there are no guarantees of what you’ll find but we can promise that we’ll be offering a selection that’s nothing short of the amazing titles we would carry and curate on a regular basis, in true Mount Analog spirit.

We are excited to announce several MOUNT ANALOG EXCLUSIVES cassette tapes that will be available to in-store purchasing customers on a first come first serve basis:

((( ATTENTION WEB CUSTOMERS: Limited copies of our exclusive tape releases, in addition to unsold RSD titles will be released for worldwide mailorder on 12:01AM, Sunday April 20 )))

* NEOTANTRIK (Sean Canty of Demdike Stare + Andy Votel of Finders Keepers) with SUZANNE CIANI – live performances from May 2013. Double cassette pack, featuring a bonus tape of Doug Shipton (Finders Keepers) DJ mix. Limited to 75 copies.

* BLACKEST EVER BLACK mix tape, created by label head Kiran Sande, titled L.A. Despair. Limited to 100 copies.

* CIVIL DUTY (Beau Wanzer + Shawn O’Sullivan) LIVE, recorded January 25 2014. Limited to 50 copies.

* JOKERS OF THE SCENE cassette tape of unreleased bonus tracks titled Endless Scene, compendium to their upcoming Throne of Kanada LP. Limited to 50 copies.

Once again we’ve also invited a few of our favorite DJs to spin records in the shop all day long, featuring sets from SUZANNE KRAFT, DVA DAMAS, DEATH WALTZ DJs, KING TUFF, RENDEZVOUS! crew, DAIS RECORDS and secret special guests!

Mount Analog will be open from 10AM until 8PM on Saturday April 19, and in spirit of Record Store Day there are no advance orders, holds or reservations…. just come on down and have fun with us!

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Mount Analog celebrates Record Store Day!


Mount Analog will be part of the global RECORD STORE DAY celebrations this Saturday, April 20. Everyday is a special day for us, with our bins brimming with an ever-changing array of used & new vinyl, but RSD is a great way to collectively celebrate with all the other independent record shops around the world so swing by, browse and take advantage of the select exclusive vinyl releases that we will be stocking from the official list ( are limited, first come first serve, and there are no guarantees of what you’ll find, but a fun time IS guaranteed as we have also invited many of our favorite DJs to spin all day, with free drinks provided!

-Mount Analog will be open from 10am-8pm
-No holds, phone order or online orders until Sunday 4/21
-Mount Analog will be stocking select items from the official RSD list, along with our own exclusive RSD items.
-One copy per item per customer.

-50% off sale! Select Items.


All unreleased material!!

** SILENT SERVANT / REGIS split cassette single . 100 copies.

** MARSHSTEPPER / JOCK CLUB cassette in collaboration with ASCETIC HOUSE . 50 copies.

** COS/MES – NATURAL LIFESPAN (w/PRINS THOMAS REMIX) one-sided, hand numbered and stamped, with sewn denim sleeve. In collaboration with ESP-INSTITUTE. 100 copies.

(((Limited amounts will be released after Saturday for worldwide mailorder – while supplies last)))


10am -1:30pm: Lovefingers and Suzanne Kraft (DJ sets)
1:30 – 2pm: Fred Armisen (Stand-Up!)
2pm – 4pm: 100% Silk DJs
4pm – 5pm: Boss Harmony (Punky Reggae / Dub Club)
5pm – 6pm: Tropic Of Cancer (DJ set)
6pm – 7pm: C.L.A.W.S. (DJ set)
7pm- Close: Silent Servant (DJ set)

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