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Jealous God 07 – Alexey Volkov EP ***Mount Analog Exclusive*** PRE-ORDER UP NOW!

Jealous God 07 from Alexey Volkov, is now up for Pre-Order!




Jealous God 07 comes from Russian producer Alexey Volkov. Raw and dark EBM driven techno introduced by both Jealous God and Terence Fixmer’s Planete Rouge Records’ re-launch. These are three brand new, blazing tracks exclusive to Jealous God:


A1. A Snake Falling To Pieces
A2. Never
B1. Ruins

This package version is exclusively available and distributed via Mount Analog only. The Mount Analog version is limited to only 100 copies — featuring Dark Green vinyl with newsprint zine, postcard insert, a mix CD from Milan’s Dude Club resident, DJ Anal Virginity and a Jealous God printed matchbox.

Photo & Art Direction by Alexandra Sophia Tipacti

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I Can’t Give You The Life You Want is a new vinyl-only compilation from Blackest Ever Black, exclusively manufactured and distributed by Mount Analog.  

I Can’t Give You The Life You Want is a new vinyl-only compilation from Blackest Ever Black, exclusively manufactured and distributed by Mount Analog.  

Available in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, it will be released in the USA in June 2015, with a handful set aside for EU/worldwide customers to order direct from the label.  

Its eleven tracks were conceived in a range of different circumstances and locations, and not according to any specific brief, but in spite of this they appear, collectively, to offer an imaginative response to Los Angeles shadow-life. These songs are not about LA, but LA is present, unbidden, in all of them. Across nearly an hour of previously unreleased music, the city’s topography, its patterns of desire and disillusionment, are powerfully evoked.

Tropic of Cancer open the compilation with ‘I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over’, Camella Lobo’s first new song since 2013’s Restless Idylls LP. Cut Hands contributes ‘Festival Of The Dead Ondo’, a brutally accelerated variation on the title track of his 2014 album. Dalhous and Tarquin Manek’s hardboiled offerings place you behind the windshield of a stolen car crawling N. Figueroa at 4am with dubious intent; Barnett + Coloccia’s andante techno-ceremonial ‘Tracker’ drags you out of the vehicle and deep into the woods on foot. Gotham industrial unit Infrastructure Zero’s ‘Messiah Police’ is as bitter and bombed-out as Tarcar’s ‘Eija’ is tender and transforming, while Exploring Jezebel’s Vivid Extreme does what she does best: makes you feel uncomfortable. There is wracked psychedelia from Bremen (Brainbombs’ Lanchy and Orre), deadpan DIY drone-punk from 500 Stamps (the one-off trio of Veronica Vasicka, Donnelle McCarry and Jorge doCouto), and, in Secret Boyfriend’s ‘Singleminded’, a possible escape into the pastoral.

I Can’t Give You The Life You Want is housed in a full-colour sleeve with xeroxed insert. All copies bought directly from Mount Analog’s LA store will come bundled with a free Blackest Ever Black cassette mixtape entitled Truth Or Dare In North America. Please note that copies purchased from other stores, including BEB’s own webshop, do not include the mixtape.  

For distribution inquiries contact


A1. Tropic of Cancer – I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over

A2. Tarquin Manek – Not Missing You

A3. Dalhous – Acceptance Is Reality

A4. 500 Stamps – Relics Of Victory

A5. Infrastructure Zero – Messiah Police

B1. Bremen – Eclipsed

B2. Exploring Jezebel – Burberry Boy

B3. Cut Hands – Festival Of The Dead Ondo

B4. Barnett + Coloccia – Tracker

B5. Tarcar – Eija

B6. Secret Boyfriend – Singleminded


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2014 Year End Lists.



Favorite Films

Jodorowsky’s Dune
Only Lovers Left Alive (dir Jim Jarmusch)
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (dir Lily Amirpour)

Favorite live shows and DJ sets:

Mika Vainio (live- Mount Analog presents)
Legowelt (live- Nuit Noire)
Marshstepper (every time)
Swans (live- Le Guess Who, Utrecht)
Ancient Methods (DJ- Nuit Noire)
20 Years of Downwards Records Nacht (live/DJ- Berghain, Berlin)
The Klinik (live- final show, Berlin)

Favorite Records

Science Fiction Park – Bundesrepublik – 80s German Home Recordings LP (Finders Keepers Records)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Feed-Back LP (Schema RCA)
Alessandro Cortini – Sonno LP (Hospital Productions)
Puce Mary – Persona LP (Posh Isolation)
Shifted – Arrangements In Monochrome (Avian)
Bruno Nicolai – All The Colors Of The Dark OST LP (Finders Keepers Records)
Head High – Megatrap 2×12″ (Power House)
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X (Murder Kapital)
An-i – Kino Eye 12″ (Cititrax)
Marshstepper – A New Sacrament Of Penance LP (Downwards Records)
Let No One Judge You – Early Recordings From Iran (Honest Jon’s)
Silent Servant / Broken English Club EP (Cititrax)
Blue Hour – 004 12″ (Blue Hour)
Joris De Laet – Sem Etc (Metaphon)
Truncate _7_1 7″ (Truncate)




Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
Head High – Megatrap
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X
Grouper – Ruins
Broken English Club – Jealous God 4
Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels
Container – Adhesive 12″
Powell – Club Music 12″
Sons Of Magdalene – Move To Pain
You – Sunchaser




Top 2014 – All over the place…Bizarre Uproar – Vihameditaatio LP (Urashima)
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X (Murder Capital)
Teitanblood- Death 2LP (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Ride for Revenge- Enter The Gauntlet CS (Bestial Burst)
Marshstepper – A New Sacrament of Penance LP (Downwards)
Rome- Passage To Rhodesia (Trisol)
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – Stay Home!! (Toxic State)
Patricia – Body Issues LP (Black Opal)
Cheena – All The Cheena Money Can Buy CS (Let My People Go)
High Functioning Flesh – A Unity of Miseries, A Misery of Unities LP (DKA)
Harassor – Into Unknown Depths LP (Dias)
Actress -Xoul EP (Werkdiscs / Ninja Tuneh
Suzanne Kraft – Missum EP (Running Back)


Die Electric Eels – Electric Eels LP (Superior Viaduct)
Severed Heads – City Slab Horror LP (Medical)

Ed Vertov



Top  AlbumsGesloten Cirkel – Submit X
Bremen – Second Launch
V.A – Aphelion Token
Lawrence English – Wilderness of Mirrors
Cassegrain – Centres of Distraction
Kassem Mosse – Workshop 19
Head High – Mega Trap
Neel – Phobos
Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
Jo Jonson – Weaving
MIka Vainio – Konstellaatio
Alessandro Cortini – Sunno
Scuba Death – Nitrogen Narcosis

Top Singles in no particular order

Mod 21 – Ben’s Wolves
TM404 – Skudge White
Voices From The Lake – Velo Di Maya
Blue Hour – Blue Hour 4
Alien Rain – Alien Rain 4
Idealist – Experience ep
Lee Gamble – Kuang
Svaag – Sade
Stanislav Tolkachev – Right Angle
Akkord/Haxan Cloak remix HTH030
Rodhad – Red Rising
Inigo Kennedy – Lullaby/ Petrichor
Cassegrain – Tiamat Remixes

Frank Y



Top 15 Records of 2014 (In no particular order)Dual Action – Nightmare Angel Of The Express (Hospital Productions)
Teeel – Hydrostatic (Mush Records)
Raíz – The Struggle (Droid Recordings)
NeoTantrik – Blue Amiga (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
Silent Servant / Broken English Club – Violence And Divinity (Cititrax)
Com Truise – Wave 1 (Ghostly)
Pure Ground – Daylight & Protection (Chondritic Sound)
DJ Punisher – (LACR003)
King Dude – Fear (Not Just Religious Music)
Ugandan Methods / Prurient – Dial B For Beauty (Downwards)
Youth Code – A Place To Stand (Dais Records)
Alessandro Cortini – Sonno (Hospital Productions)
Pharmakon – Bestial Burden (Sacred Bones)
Sons Of Magdalene – Move to Pain (Audraglint)
Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels (Modern Love)

Top 10 Shows of 2014

5/15/14 Pharmakon / The Haxan Cloak
(Mount Analog & The Church On York)
@ The Church On York

2/15/14 Damian Dubrovnik
(Mount Analog & The Church On York)
@ The Church On York

9/27/14 Demdike Stare / Andy Stott
(Mount Analog)
@ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

9/20/14 Dual Action / Alessandro Cortini / Vatican Shadow / Shifted / Function
(Nuit Noire IX)
@ Lot 613

7/05/14 Drumcell / Orphyx / Sigha / Alien Rain / Henning Baer / Marcel Fengler
(Interface 48 x Nuit Noire VIII)
@ Secret Location(s)

9/24/14 Prostitues
(Mira Label Showcase)
@ Complex

3/01/14 Pacific Pop Festival
Silent Servant /Marshstepper / Destruction Unit / Body Of Light / Stray Executioner / Blood Bright Star / SØREN /Some Ember / Granite Mask / Ligature / Jock Club / Men Of Bissau / Deep Pill / Dealing / Dismal Light / Boys Ov Paradise
(Ascetic House / Jealous God / Hospital Productions / Chondritic Sound / Nostilevo / Mount Analog / Sacred Bones)
@ The Chruch On York

9/23/14 Them Are Us Too / High-Functioning Flesh / Youth Code
(Dais Records)
@ Complex

2/28/14 Com Truise
(IHC Presents)
@ Echoplex

5/03/14 Dream Weapon / Silent Servant / Raudive / Scott Fraser / Timothy J FairPlay
(Nuit Noire VII)
@ Secret Location




9 Picks from 2014 Because Fuck 101) Ninos Du Brasil – Novos Misterios [April 28th 2014]

Start to finish – relentless percussive Batucada Techno – primal jungle spirit visions of Gaea, the Goddess and Mother Earth delivered sonically betwixt staccato punk vocal exhortations.  Delicate and minimal yet simultaneously ferocious – Their deadly rhythm teleports me to another plane wherein I’m dressed in armor made of twigs, leaves, and adorning my face for battle with paint made from rare berries.  Hospital Productions.


2) DJ Punisher (Delroy Edwards) – Untitled [July 8th 2014]

Three of the most violent and menacing dance floor destroyers I’ve heard in years.  Overdriven and unforgiving: no quarter, none are safe.  I never judge a record by its cover but even the art and aesthetic warn you that Delroy is out for blood.  Slugs to the chest.  Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole. A chainsaw – shredding its way through every bar stool and every avenue, pulsing defiantly.  Either killing dance floors or infecting them, these beats don’t care.  They exist for only one purpose – destruction.  LA Club Resource.

3) Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers [November 17th 2014]

Subliminal.  Haunting drums, exceptional bass lines and an overall feeling of vulnerability – Alison Skidmore’s vocals are chilling.  Easily Stott’s best work to date – in these compositions he’s found a way to create something not only dissonant and melancholy but also quite warm and nostalgic.  Modern Love.

4) Youth Code – A Place To Stand EP [September 23rd 2014]

A cacophony of sampled construction noises, analog synthesizers and raging, politically inspired vocals.  Featuring four amazing remixes of previous tracks from heavy hitters Sanford Parker, clipping., God Module, and Silent Servant – “A Place To Stand” is more than just “shitty punk kids making industrial” (Ryan George / Sara Taylor); It’s a call to arms.  Dais Records.

5) An-I – Kino-I EP [January 27th 2014]

The Kino-I EP is the first release of Douglas Lee under the alias An-i.  A departure from Lee’s previous works which mostly centered on modern disco and house, Kino-I is a destructive experiment in techno, industrial, noise and ear shattering EBM.  Arpeggiated and noisey, with modular electronics & pressed onto beautiful translucent yellow vinyl – this album is like a hand grenade on the dance floor.  His follow up EP “Gutz” just out in November is an amazing follow up, but this is the starting point; crucial and devastatingly beautiful.  Cititrax.

6) SHXCXCHCXSH – Linear S Decoded [September 9th 2014]

Heavy, austere and incredibly sexy dark techno from anonymous Swedish duo with an aversion to vowels.  “This Hmming Raverie” is reminiscent of early Crystal Castles without the annoying bites and squeals from Alice Glass.  Meanwhile “The Repelling of the Quantitive Invasion” sounds like a chapter ripped from the pages of The Prodigy’s “Music for the Jilted Generation.”  A sheer brilliant atmospheric yet floor stomping collection of gloomy rave music.  Avian Records.

7) Ital – Endgame [August 26th 2014]

DC Hardcore icon Daniel Martin-McCormick (Black Eyes) – Ital’s “Endgame” LP is a brooding, somber exploration in ambient electronics and Detroit style techno.  “Whispers In The Dark” is chilling and corroded with a snare tone that cuts straight through to the bone.  This Brooklyn based producer and classically trained musician challenges the conventional 4/4 timing of most electronic music and the results are fantastic.  Planet Mu.

8) Damaskin – Unseen Warfare 12” [March 31st 2014]

Noisy, chugging industrial & techno in the vein of Prostitutes.  “Unseen Warfare” delivers  four oscillating and distorted, heavy jams.  “Contra Theatra” unleashes triumphant and face melting bass lines with minimal yet incredibly driving percussion.  Unknown Precept.

9) Jealous God 04 – Broken English Club 12” [April 28th 2014]

Administered and curated by three legends James Ruskin, Juan Mendez and Karl O’Connor – the Jealous God label delivers icy post punk, no wave, industrial and techno bangers.  The Broken English Club 12” is nothing short of phenomenal.

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Announcing debut on Downwards North America: Marshstepper ‘A New Sacrament of Penance ‘ Vinyl LP

Exclusively manufactured and distributed by Mount Analog

New in the eclectic canon of experimental / industrial / techno label Downwards Records — and a first for the Downwards North America imprint.

DNNA LP1 One Sheet1

Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

100 copies pressed on milky white vinyl (only available via Mount Analog)

DNNA 1 LP front


DNNA 1 LP Back

Preorders open now. Approximate ship date mid-November TBA.


Retail / wholesale and press inquiry:

Marshstepper as part of 20 Years of Downwards celebration at Berghain, Berlin, November 7 2014:


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Jealous God 03 – Silent Servant (w/ Powell reconstruction) **Mount Analog Exclusive Version**

Jealous God 03 – Silent Servant with Powell reconstruction 12″

** This exclusive version is strictly limited to 300 copies via Mount Analog only. **
Featuring clear vinyl, mix CD, postcard, Jealous God button, and newsprint zine. First 50 customers receive a special Jealous God magnet.
+Silent Servant’s ‘Lust Abandon’ is a rework from a cassette-only release from early 2013; backed with a fantastic remix from Powell. “Following his recent production assistance with the Vatican Shadow project and a handful of remixes in 2013, Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant plays ice cool with the low key swagger and noirish minimal wave atmosphere and voices of ‘Lust Abandon’ sounding like a prime offcut from his stunning ‘Negative Fascination’ LP. In contrast, Powell’s reconstruction incorporates slivers of the original into a completely new piece bearing only trace resemblance to the original, coming off like a modded-out muscle car groove welded together from some psychobilly’s scrapyard in a Mad Max future – all pollutant bass revs, cranking drums and shuddering electronics angled with shark-eyed swerve.”