Unhuman & Petra Flurr – Mala Vida LP


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Unhuman & Petra Flurr is the collaborative synthpunk-technoid project of BITE label stalwart, Berlin-based Greek artist Unhuman and legendary queer wave figure Petra Flurr. ‘Mala Vida’ is their debut album on BITE that further evolves their sound beyond genre borders. The duo deliver an 8-track LP consisting of punk body music exhibiting the team’s mastery on production, their androgynous vision and diverse influences. Petra Flurr’s staggered, often effected, vocals cruise over pounding beats, bold iconic hooks and psychedelic atmospheres. His lyrics reference the seedy underbelly of Berlin’s sex underground. Meanwhile, Unhuman’s productions broadly range from the post-punk references of ‘Labyrinth’ to the new beat grooves of ‘Short Life’ featuring Ukrainian duo Garden Krist to the melodic orchestrations of ‘Rush’. All this is reinterpreted by techno duo New Frames on a digital remix of ‘Unzivilisiert’. ‘Mala Vida’ is a direct inspiration from their debut performance at Berghain for last year’s BITE label night. After which, they swiftly retreated to the studio to compose, still in their platform heels. The two paint a coat of neon red over their preexisting batcave of sound. While the artwork by Liam Noonan compliments the gender fluidness of the album, distorting and digitally manipulating images of the creators themselves. Using heavy rhythmics, wavy mandates, an androgynous stare and unavoidable sexuality, Unhuman & Petra Flurr introduce us to their culled brand of queer death techno. Always with a wink.