Warren Doris – Lost In Space 12″


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Reissue of this 1981 gem from New York’s Warren Doris. Remastered from the original 16-track tapes. A veteran of the NYC’s nightlife and dance music scenes, Warren worked with names like Mark Kamins & George Benson, and produced the Larry Levan favourite Affinity – Don’t Go Away before leaving the music industry and starting life as a high school teacher.

Lost In Space by New York City based Warren Doris flew under the radar upon its initial release in 1981. Despite radio play in the Northeastern US, the tune never completely broke out and instead became a closely guarded secret among soul music aficionados. More than four decades after its release, the emotional power of Warren’s vocal performance and the lush, swelling arrangement have cemented the record’s well deserved status as a holy grail for collectors.

Meticulously remixed and remastered from the original 16-track tapes by Warren himself, this new edition of Lost In Space does justice to the original with three all new cuts; The familiar extended mix and new radio edit pair with an instrumental version and a heavy dub of “Let It Show” the flip side on the original pressing.

“This was my breakup song for my ex-wife. I was 28 and she was 32 at the time. Now here we are 43 years later. It was originally released on my label, Maya Communications. At the time it got a bunch of airplay in New York, South Carolina, and Washington D.C., but I got jerked by the distributors on my money, so I couldn’t keep up with the demand for the repress. The fact that it stayed enough to be selling for $1000 says a bunch.” – Warren Doris