Psychic TV ‎– Allegory & Self (Clear with Yellow Splatter Vinyl) LP


While the ensuing years saw Psychic TV’s major label infection and record breaking live album release binge, it wasn’t until 1988 that the band started to ready itself for a chart-friendly pop endeavor in the form of “Allegory & Self”. This would be the band’s most notable and successful endeavor but tragically, it would be the final songwriting collaboration between P-Orridge and Fergusson. “Allegory and Self” was a perfect storm of catchy pop melody along with subversive counter-culture reference and occult leanings, packaged in a perfect bundle of underground hits.

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A1 Godstar
A2 Just Like Arcadia
A3 Southern Comfort
A4 We Kiss
A5 She Was Surprised
B1 Caresse Song
B2 Starlit Mire
B3 Thee Dweller
B4 Being Lost
B5 Baby’s Gone Away
B6 Ballet Disco

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