Luboš Fišer ‎– Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders – Original Soundtrack By Luboš Fišer LP (ALTERNATIVE COVER)


Sitting somewhere between folk, psychedelia, choral music, avant garde classical and traditional music – it’s a record you need to hear to truly understand its mystery and awe-inspiring atmosphere

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A1 The Magic Yard
A2 Talk With Grandmother
A3 The Letter
A4 The Sermon
A5 Losing The Way
A6 The Visit
A7 The Work Of Death
A8 Dinner
A9 Dense Smoke
A10 The Contract / The Wedding
B1 The Punishment
B2 Disquiet
B3 Awakening
B4 Brother & Sister
B5 Sacrifice
B6 The Letter 2 / Friends
B7 In Flames
B8 Puppets
B9 Homeless
B10 Questions & Answers
B11 Confession
B12 Forgiveness
B13 And The Last

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