Kurt Stenzel ‎– Jodorowsky’s Dune Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


This highly-anticipated soundtrack LP was sequenced and mixed by Stenzel with the listener in mind and flows through a “four-sides” LP approach. “I wanted it to play like the records I grew up with, where every side was a journey.”

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A1 Coming of a God
A2 Greatest Movie Never Made
A3 Parallel World
A4 Parallel World (outro)
A5 Leap of Faith
A6 Time and Space
A7 Optical World
A8 Nebula
A9 Invitation
B1 Point of View
B2 Moebius
B3 Arrakis
B4 Millions of Stars
B5 Into the Galaxy
B6 O’Brannon Meets Jodo
B7 Finding the Others
B8 Spiritual Warriors
B9 Conception of Paul
B10 Ships With Souls
C1 The Pirate Spaceship
C2 Rescue From a Sandworm
C3 Mad Emperor
C4 Burning Giraffes
C5 Baron Harkonnen
C6 Giger’s Theme
C7 Deepest Darkness of the Soul
C8 Feyd Rautha
C9 Total Extermination
D1 I Am Dune
D2 Hollywood
D3 Fingerprints
D4 Open the Mind
D5 Try