Hiroshi Tanaka and Yoichi Fuwa – Untitled White Album 2LP


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In 1974, Hiroshi Tanaka and Yoichi Fuwa, the self-proclaimed heirs of the Beatles, crammed into a 75 square foot room and recorded over 50 songs, all without names. 19 of those songs would be self released on a record titled “Untitled White Album”, of which only 100 copies were pressed.

Their music is like a fairy tale. It’s leisurely and relaxed yet bursting at the seams with melodies and youthful ambition. Its whole attitude is gentle but splendid in evoking tears, anger, sentimentality, infatuation, intoxication, and a bit of craziness. Tanaka and Fuwa’s music has the power to bring that emotion to life.

This holy grail of Japanese psychedelic pop has been searched for by collectors the world over. Now, after almost 50 years, First & Last Records is proud to release the official reissue of this masterpiece. In addition to the 19 original songs is a second LP featuring 16 tracks that heretofore were unknown, released for the first time.