Fred P – Oasis 2LP


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Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium) has been stylishly pushing the depths of the underground for almost two decades now. With his majestic new double twelve he is taking us even further on his journey.

The lauded New York artist has proven to be a master of his craft with an ever growing and diverse repertoire. A deeper dive into his work reveals that it resonates more than just music. Fred P transcends the superficial, transmitting a deeper language that flawlessly reflects his spirit through his music, giving the listener the impression that we get to know the man behind the music personally. It’s one of the many beautiful elements to be found on ‘Oasis’.

Opener ‘The Story Of Humans’ embraces the listener with a bright intro that could be the soundtrack to a vivid yet fragmented dream. The title track ‘Oasis’ leaves one wandering around in a place blessed by a glorious sensation full of organic texture, while ‘Remain’ has a more introverted feel and a live sounding edge.

Sucking you into the rest of this fantastic piece Fred skillfully plays around showcasing trippy broken beats over multi-layered and dense blankets of synth work (‘Brownsville Groove’) while diving into the deep zone again with the spacious yet playful beauty ‘Like No Other’.

His recent series of twelves disclosed the artist’s fresh move into exciting new directions and this brilliant double reaffirms he is on the right track. Awakening our imagination with each and every listen this one is a well recommended addition to any serious collection. (Roman).