Luke C. – T.O.M.B. LP


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The seven-track album is a gauzy, starry-eyed style of ambient electronics and groove embedded with melancholia and a touch of otherworldly psychedelia. A soundtrack to a generation lost, endlessly searching the streets of a sun-drenched, neon-lit city. T.O.M.B. has been pressed on limited-edition vinyl and has a 24-page companion zine designed by Luke C. (poetry, photos) and Jack Ferguson (art, design). Also accompanying the physical bundle package is a bespoke fragrance line that adds a unique sensory experience to the music.

The bulk of T.O.M.B. was recorded at Luke C.’s home studio in LA over the last 12 months, building the general atmosphere of the music with various sample sources. Luke C. adds, “I used a range of samples across the record, from field recordings to sampled records, some of which I played through speakers and recorded using my phone or a Tascam recorder in different rooms and spaces to give more atmosphere and texture to the samples, before chopping them up in Simpler or on my phone in Garageband.” The MicroKorg also features heavily, as does the Beatstep Pro for sequencing and drum tracking through Ableton. Luke C. captured his vocals through an old Mackie for additional texture and mixed all tracks. Iranian-American artist Kamran Sadeghi mastered the entirety of the LP, known for his recent album on Richard Chartier’s LINE imprint and his work as a key member of Soundwalk Collective.