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In the words of Audrey Kemp:

Mastered by Slowdive’s Simon Scott, Everett is the second full length album from body / negative, the solo project of Andy Schiaffino.

The album’s eight tracks were developed in collaboration with peers from the experimental ambient community. Notably, Madeline Johnston, under the moniker Midwife, co-produced tracks “sleepy,” “ataraxia,” and the titular “everett.” Sleepy also incorporates field recordings from Randall Taylor, the Portland-based artist who performs under Amulets. “persimmon,” the album’s sixth track, is joined by Justin Maranga of Dune Altar Records and Lionel Williams (Vinyl Williams). Persimmon was later co-produced and mixed by Megan Searl, an audio engineer who has worked with Lana Del Rey and Atticus Ross.

The album was initially set to be recorded in Midwife’s studio in Las Cruces, New Mexico, however, tragedy befell when Andy’s father fell terminally ill. As a result, most of the album was written and recorded while Andy looked after their father in hospice. The work is tinged with themes of love and loss, echoing the sentiments of body / negative’s last opus, Fragments, from 2020. The artist dedicates Everett – in its entirety – to their late mother and father.