Ali – White Stallion, Abyadh Aswad 12″


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Indonesian Cinematic / Psych Funk trio Ali. One track with vocals in arabic and one track instrumental. Recorded at Studio Masak Suara, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The track ‘Abyadh Aswad’ is a manifestation of Ali’s self-described Middle Eastern beats with Southeast Asian twists, specifically influenced by Indonesia. It offers tropical cruising vibes and tranquil melodies, incorporating Arabic lyrics and repetitive desert-like riffs. Floating melodies and background vocals inject a psychedelic element into the track. The lyrics themselves translate to ‘Black and white in one vision.’

On the B-side, there is an instrumental track titled ‘White Stallion.’ It’s a simply cinematic funk track with psychedelic elements and hypnotic repetitive riffs. This track aims to capture the adventurous landscape of Indonesia through music, offering a flat, chill, and contemplative vibe that would suit a cinematic soundtrack.