Nine Inch Nails ‎– The Fragile (Definite 2017 Edition) 3LP


2017 Definitive Edition, Released during the last 2 weeks of 2016.

This digital version was remastered in 2016 from the original sources, and sold when the pre-orders for the vinyl went live. These downloads were accessed through a unique link e-mailed to the purchaser after the sale was complete. No credits were provided other than the mention of Reznor & Crawford in the note below.

From the NIN store description:

“High resolution download available immediately

The definitive version of the Fragile, meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor and NIN Art Director John Crawford.

Remastered from the original sources in 2016 on 180-gram Vinyl, with lots of details that you may never notice, but we care about.”

Sticker on front:

The definitive vinyl edition of the Fragile, meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor and NIN art director John Crawford. Remastered 2017 audio on 180-Gram Vinyl, remastered artwork and more.

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Original release date: September 21, 1999

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A1 Somewhat Damaged 4:31
A2 The Day The World Went Away 5:04
A3 The Frail 1:54
A4 The Wretched 5:36
B1 We’re In This Together 7:19
B2 The Fragile 4:32
B3 Just Like You Imagined 3:52
B4 Even Deeper 6:16
C1 Pilgrimage 3:41
C2 No, You Don’t 3:36
C3 La Mer 5:10
C4 The Great Below 5:17
D1 The Way Out Is Through 4:17
D2 Into The Void 4:49
D3 Where Is Everybody? 5:40
D4 The Mark Has Been Made 4:46
E1 10 Miles High 5:09
E2 Please 3:31
E3 Starfuckers, Inc. 5:00
E4 Complication 2:27
E5 The New Flesh 3:42
F1 I’m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally 4:20
F2 The Big Come Down 4:12
F3 Underneath It All 2:47
F4 Ripe 5:18