Nils Frahm ‎– All Melody LP


Having set up a new studio in an old East Berlin broadcast facility built in the 1950s, Nils Frahm’s seventh album All Melody arrives via Erased Tapes. Drawing new energies from his freshly laid-out studio space, All Melody combines all manner of retro synthesizers and processors plus pipe organs and pianos to craft a delicate vessel, perfect for the studio space transition of escapism from this world, deep into another.

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A1 The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched
A2 Sunson
A3 A Place
B1 My Friend The Forest
B2 Human Range
B3 Forever Changeless
C1 All Melody
C2 #2
D1 Momentum
D2 Fundamental Values
D3 Kaleidoscope
D4 Harm Hymn

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