Model 500 – Classics 2×12″


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Juan Atkin’s masterpiece compilation, the blueprint of Techno albums…. the 1993 Model 500 ‘Classics’ compilation with some of Juan Atkins’ biggest early Metroplex milestones, with some of them in exclusive remixed versions.

3 decades later Metroplex is re-releasing this collection of hugely influential tracks for a new generation to play from fresh and clean vinyl!. Just like the recent 12″ reissue series, this album has been fully remastered with all the care and attention to detail you can imagine. Tracks like ,,No UFOs”, ,,The Chase”, ,,Techno Music”, ,,Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat)” or ,,Off To Battle” are basically techno ground zero, with the electro influence of mid-80s to late-80s Juan Atkins productions still omnipresent. 30 years on since its original release on R&S records, ‘Classics’ is still as gritty and timeless a statement as ever. Pure sonic futurism!