Credit 00 – Midnightlife Crisis 2LP


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Following up his anthemic late-summer burner, Hope, Credit 00 returns to Pinkman to deliver the album Midnightlife Crisis. Hopping between genres whilst remaining resolutely coherent, the twelve-track double LP is a showcase of the Rat Life boss’ many influences. From the driving, mesmeric techno of Music Is A Spiritual Thing to the sci-fi electro on Bouncing Bell and Love Warrior’s downtempo, half-time shuffle, the collection of tracks is broad and varied yet simultaneously unified by belonging to the club. Whether it’s warm-up material, peaktime rollers or afterhours sludge for tired legs and scrambled heads, there’s something for every scenario on Midnightlife Crisis. And with recurring themes of melancholy and anxiety throughout, the album perhaps reflects that all too familiar period for every club enthusiast when the years are ticking by and the lights are coming on. “I just hope there’s hope”, sings the voice on the album’s lead single, before reminding us that the dancefloor’s sweet release is often the best remedy to these negative thoughts – “I see you shaking on the floor, that gives me hope, gives me hope.”