Nick Berlin, Max Erotic – Club Belgique Volume 2 12″


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It’s been quite some time since the maiden Club Belgique release. But a little virus cannot keep a big one down forever and so San Soda and Red D have once again taken up their new beat aliases and got cracking. The result is the second installment of Club Belgique, a project dedicated to Belgium’s very rich new beat & more history.

On the A-side we find Nick Berlin’s acid masterpiece ‘Donnez-Moi De L’Aciiieed!’ that tears up any dancefloor instantly. Is it a reissue? A remaster? A clever translation? That’s for you to find out! Max Erotic knows and he also knows that the B-side is where it’s at for some raw and dusty italo-inspired sounds, with a sexy Italian voice on top. Do you wanna dance with us too?