Fascination – Out To Get You 12″


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With the 12″ vinyl reissue of Fascination made for Giancarlo Meo, the legendary producer of Easy Going, Vivien Vee, Capricorn, Amin-Peck, Steel Mind, Claudio Simonetti (aka Kasso) and many other artists, Best Record offers yet another excellent service for those who perhaps don’t know they need it. Claudio Casalini 40 years ago was not only a record producer, but above all one of the most important DJ-clubs in Italy. He remembers well the cheering jet set audience in the elegant Roman lounges, with the dance floor packed with people vibrating to that fusion of disco, soul and funk sounds that characterized many Italo-Disco songs of those early Eighties. The three versions of “Out to Get You” contain all those sounds, but it is above all the version re-edited by the imaginative and passionate DJ Massimo Berardi that brings an important portion of musical restoration making it current, and therefore exciting and modern, absolutely suitable for dancing it again anywhere in the world.