Climb Mount Analog…..

Mount Analog is a place for the creative idealist, progressive artist, music and arts enthusiast, rarities collector, and moreover: the everyday curious and adventure seeker.

It can be explored at its physical location in Highland Park:

5906 1/2 N. Figueroa Ave
Los Angeles CA

The shop is conveniently located at the Highland Park Gold Line train station.

This is a place for anyone and everyone desiring cutting edge brands, art, music, literature, and film at within a comfortable, community-oriented and aesthetically unique retail space. Mount Analog is host to many events, such as live music performances, gallery showings by local and international artists, film screenings and book signings/readings. Our aim is to diversify within music and the arts to provide a center of convergence and creativity for the artist and audience alike, creating a hub within our community to engage and encourage interactivity.

Mount Analog is a curated new and used record shop, clothing boutique, art gallery, live event space, goods merchant, film and book store, as well as community nerve center. Its’ products and goods are influenced, inspired and many times directly curated by those behind the diverse labels and brands, forging a space that is more a co-op than traditional retail.

Mount Analog is also home to the West Coast office/gallery for the UK-based label Finders Keepers Records, as well as the US headquarters for the B-Music collective.

Phone: 323.474.6649
Twitter: @MountAnalog
Instagram: @MountAnalog

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