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Year End Lists!

 Check out what our staff and a snapshot of some of our awesome Los Angeles-based friends enjoyed this year,  best of lists below!
Zane Landreth
Owner, Mount Analog
Artist Management 
them are us too – remain LP (Dais)
tropic of cancer – stop suffering (blackest ever black)
Anthony Naples – Body Pill (prohibito)
Coil – Backwards (Cold Spring)
Darto – Frontier CS (Ascetic House)
Trailblazer – Regret CS (River Girls)
Alva Noto – Xerrox Vol. 3 (Raster Noton)
Drew McDowell – Collapse (Dais)
Junior Fairplay – How Do You Like Me Now? (Emotional Especial)
Luca Lozano + DJ Fett Burger – Hands Of Doom 2 (Klasse Wrecks)

* Reissue of the Year – Current 93 – Swastikas for Noddy / Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God (The Spheres)

*Guilty Pleasure Of The Year – Drake – hotline bling

*Album Cover Of The Year – King Dude – Songs of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light

*Label of the Year – DAIS

Brian Foote
Kranky Records / Audraglint
Recording artist as Leech

* gonno ‘remember that life is beautiful’ endless flight
* lief ‘taraxacum’ until my heart stops
* aci edits ‘/\\07’ aught
*karmelloz ‘silicon forest’ cleaning tapes
*amnesia scanner ‘angels rig hook’ gum artefacts
*j-zbel ‘how i made my mom & sis my sexbot slaves’ brothers from different mothers
*peder mannerfelt ‘the swedish congo record’ archives intérieures
*recycle culture ‘trapped goddess’ not on label
*netcika ‘color plus’ bootleg tapes
*plo man ’stations of the elevated’ acting press

Sam Bosson 
is too busy and is born and raised in Los Angeles.
Mount Analog / Lock / Blazing Eye / Human Particle / Condition + etc

1. Helen – “The Original Faces” LP
2. Russell Haswell – “As Sure As Night Follows Day” LP
3. Rrose – “Vanishing Pools” EP
4. Darto – “Soundtrack for Frontier” CS
5. Ron Morelli – “A Gathering Together” LP
6. Unified Right – “S/T” 7″
7. No Tolerance – “You Walk Alone” LP
8. Coneheads -“L.P. 1 Aka 14 year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo For The Sake Of Extorting $$$ From Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks” LP
9. Chain Rank – “Up Againt The Wall” LP
10. Rixe – “Coup & Blessures” 7″

Israel Vines
DJ / Producer

1) Best performance = Talker opening for Regis @ The Bunker NYC
2) Best techno label of the year = Ilian Tape
3) Best festival = Great American Techno Festival, Denver
4) Best party = No Way Back Los Angeles by Dirty Epic and Interdimensional Transmissions
5) Best DJ mix = Karl Meier Juno Plus podcast
6) Best 12″ = Demdike Stare “Test Pressing 7”
7) Best thing I read on Resident Advisor = “I’m about to eat this whole pizza.” – Carlos Souffront
8) Best reissue = Coil discography
9) Best label design = SRX Series of Surgeon reissues
10) Best label packaging = Jealous God
11) Best artist = Broken English Club

DJ Lance Rock
Best known from the award-winning kids show on Nick Jr., Yo Gabba Gabba!, Los Angeles based musician, DJ and actor DJ Lance Rock, is also an electronic music aficionado.

He will have the opportunity to combine all his passions next year, as he is curating an all ages program for Moogfest 2016. 

Top 10 Music List 2015
(In Alphabetical Order)


Jon Brooks
More Than Human

Death And Vanilla
“to where the wild things are…”
Fire Records

Bruce Ditmas
“Yellow Dust”
Finders Keepers

The Egyptian Lover
Egyptian Empire Records

The Great Sadness
“The Great Sadness”
Self Released

The Host
“Esalen Lectures”
Touch Sensitive Records

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
& Ariel Kalma
“We Know Each Other Somehow”

Jonas Reinhardt
“Palace Savant”
Further Records

Claudio Simonetti
“The New Barbarians”
(Original Score)
Death Waltz Recording Co.

Various Artists
“[Cease & Desist] DIY!”
(Cult Classics From The Post-Punk Era 1978-82)
Optimo Music

Elon Katz is an vocalist and electronic musician from California. Best known for his Chicago project White Car and the collaboration with Beau Wanzer as Streetwalker, Elon is currently based out of Los Angeles and will inaugurate 2016 with music and performances under his birth name.
Powell’s Billboard, Diagonal’s 2015 releases, OPN Garden Of Delete, Mariah reissue, ADR Deceptionista, Rene Hell live, Gabi Sympathy, Tyondai Braxton HIVE1, user18081971/user48736353001 uploads, Errorsmith & Mark Fell Protogravity and whatever Beau put out this year…
Daniel Troberg
Producing, thinking and performing electronic music since the early 90s under different pseudonyms. Originates from the Aaland Islands. CEO of Elektron Music Machines INC., Los Angeles CA.
Top 10 LA eats:

1. Natalie Peruvian
2. Honda-Ya Izakaya Downtown
3. Mariscos Jalisco
4. Rickys Fish Tacos
5. Guisados Echo Park
6. Best Fish Taco In Ensenada
7. Zinc Cafe & Market Downtown
8. Beachwood Cafe
9. Tamales at Silver Lake Farmers Market
10. Pupusas on Vermont Saturdays

Gibby Miller is the co-founder and Los Angeles half of Dais Records, who alongside friend and partner Ryan Martin (NYC), has been steadily releasing new music and collectors’ reissues since 2007.

Heathered Pearls “Body Complex” (Ghostly)
Lock: “Demo 2015” (No Label)
Copley Medal “Teskind” (Prime Ruin)
Varg “Ursviken” (Northern Electronics)
Seth Troxler “Evangelion” & the Siminski/Jonson remix (Rumors)
Rework “Missed You at L” (Items & Things)
Andras Fox & Oscar Key Sung “I Know What You Want” (Dopeness Galore)
Rose McDowall “Cut With the Cake Knife” (REISSUE: Night School / Sacred Bones)
51717 & Silent Servant “Jealous God 6” (Jealous God)
Tropic of Cancer “Stop Suffering” (Blackest Ever Black)
BONUS: Metal Gear Solid V “The Phantom Pain” (Kojima Productions)

Alex Kelman
Warp Publishing / Warp Records

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly (Aftermath)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete (Warp)
CFCF – Radiance & Submission (Driftless)
Floating Points – Elaenia (Luaka Bop)
Beirut – No No No (4AD)
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – Never Were the Way She Was (Constellation)
Kelela – Hallucinogen (Warp)
Bjork – Vulnicura (One Little Indian)
Kamasi Washington – The Epic (Brainfeeder)
Death Grips – The Powers that B (harvest)

Honorable mentions:
Max Richter – From Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon)
Vito Ricci – I was crossing a bridge (Music from Memory)
Khruangbin – The Universe Smiles Upon You (Late Night Tales)

Drumcell, born Moe Espinosa in Los Angeles California grew up in a vibrant, yet culturally diverse neighborhood that still breeds inspiration in his work today. Moe came to circulate around the Noise, Punk and Industrial scene, playing guitar and synths in various bands until he discovered techno in the early ‘90s.
1: Duaa Svim – Nerve

2: Ben Frost – Aurora

3: andy stott – faith in strangers

4: Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio

5: Surachai – Volume II

6: Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi – Law Unit – Death Waltz

7: Yapoigami – Drudged Torn Routine – Detroit Underground

8: Room 506 – Drop Out E.P

9: Arboretum – Sycomore E.P & Vasunhara EP.

10: RASTHOF DACHAU – Prison Poems

Jimmy Maheras
Plastic Love, Los Angeles
Various – Workshop 21 [Workshop]
Levon Vincent – Levon Vincent LP [Novel Sound]
Downriver Psychic Divas – Dissecting The Rainbow [7777]
Cale Parks – Diego Maradona EP [Rothmans UK]
Cliff Lothar – Soul Plonk [Omnidisc]
Ken Gill – Love Moon [Alleviated]
Dimitri From Brooklyn – Dimitri From Brooklyn Edits Pt. 2 [Razor N Tape]
Mr. G – Sweatbox EP [Dungeon Meat]
Garrett David – A New Room [Gramaphone Records]
Trickfinger – Trickfinger [Acid Test]
Joshua Eustis
Telefon Tel Aviv / Sons Of Magdalene / Tropic Of Cancer
Autechre – AE Live, Nagano
Mark Fell and Gabor Lazar – The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making
King Midas Sound and Fennesz – Edition 1
Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Fragile Geography
Grischa Lichtenberger – LA DEMEURE; il y a péril en la demeure
Kelela – Hallucinogen EP
Vince Staples – Summertime ’06
M.E.S.H. – Piteous Gate
Jlin – Dark Energy
Drab Majesty – Careless
Eddie Ruscha
Visual Artist /  Secret Circuit
1- Young Thug- Slime Season 1&2
2- Light Sounds Dark- Ideas Of Reference And The Luna Sea
3- The Gnocchi- Snaker 005
4- Moon B- Lifeworld
5- Dude Energy- Dude Energy
6- Danielle Baldelli- Cosmic Drag
7- Eartheater- Metalepsis
8- Phantom Posse- Home
9- Ruf Dug- Island
10- Eyeliner- Buy Now
Alessandro Cortini

Prurient-Frozen Niagara Falls
Richie Hawtin – from my mind to yours
Abdulla Rashim – a shell of speed
AFX:orphan deejay selek 2006-2008
Rafael Anton Isarri – a fragile geography
Powell – 11/14
Varg – Story of K
Basinski / Chartier – Divertissement
Anthony Child – electronic recordings from Maui jungle vol 1
Peder Mannerfelt – Variations EP

Owner, Mount Analog
Booking Agent, Surefire Agency
Finders Keepers Records US
Helena Hauff – Discreet Desires (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)

Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore)

Powell x Steve Albini Billboard

Lust For Youth – Better Looking Brother (single version – Sacred Bones)

Damien Dubrovnik – The Light Of God Shines Eternal’ EP (Jealous God)

Alejandro Jodorowsky – The Holy Mountain OST (Finders Keepers)

Helen – The Original Faces (Kranky)

Drexciya – Black Sea / Wavejumper Reissue (Clone Aqualung Series)

The Weeknd – The Hills (Single Version – XO/Republic)

Function – Berghain 07 Mix (Ostgut Ton)

Not Waving – Get Serious (Video & EP, Diagonal Records)

Masahiko Sato – Belladonna Of Sadness OST (Finders Keepers) and Film Restoration

Pye Corner Audio – Prowler EP (More Than Human)

Love (Directed by Gaspar Noe)

Year of Television: The Leftovers Season 2 & Master of None Season 1

Various: I Can’t Give You The Life You Want (Blackest Ever Black / Mount Analog)

Sean Horton aka Nordic Soul
Decibel Founder / Curator
DJ / Producer
Top Ten Electronic Albums of 2015

Dave DK – Val Miria : Kompakt
Kelpe – The Curved Line : Drut Recordingsfla
Howling – Sacred Ground : Monkeytown Records / Counter Records
Flako – Natureboy : Five Easy Pieces
Holly Herndon – Platform : 4AD
John Tejada – Signs Under Test : Kompakt
Cliff Martinez – The Knick Soundtrack, Season 2 : HBO, Inc.
Maribou State – Portraits : Counter Records
Colleen – Captain Of None : Thrill Jockey Records
Jamie xx – In Colour : Young Turks

Top Ten Films of 2015

Sicario directed by Denis Villeneuve
Ex Machina directed by Alex Garland
Mad Max: Fury Road directed by George Miller
Room directed by Lenny Abrahamson
Beast Of No Nation directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga
Brooklyn directed by John Crowley
The Assassin directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Carol directed by Todd Haynes
It Follows directed by David Robert Mitchell
What We Do In The Shadows directed by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement

JS Aurelius
Sonoran Lodge
Ecclus., xlii. 24
Gonçalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater – A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics LP
Horrendous – War Is Still… LP
Drew McDowall – Collapse LP
Constrain – Option To Hide CS
Headband – The Mask CS
Gene Pick – False Restrictive Aspect CS
Pedestrian Deposit – The Architector LP
Varg – Under Beige Nylon LP
Helm – Olympic Mess LP
Rabit – Communion LP
Richard Chartier, sound artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound which has been termed both “microsound” and Neo-Modernist. Chartier’s minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself. He has run the label LINE since 2000 publishing sound and video art editions focused on minimalism. He is also Pinkcourtesyphone.
>>>> favorite new releases of 2015
Willliam Basinski – Cascade (2062)
Best Available Technology – Excavated Tapes 1992-1999 (Vol. 2)  (Astro:Dynamics)
Frank Bretschneider – Isolation (LINE)
Carter Tutti Void – f(x)  (Industrial Records)
De Leon – /\\08 (Aught)
DVA Damas – Wet Vision (Downwards America)
Federico Durand – Musica Para Manuel (Hibernate)
Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça (Antinote)
I-LP-O IN DUB – Communist Dub (Editions Mego)
Internazionale – Armour of Stars  (Posh Isolation)
Richard Garet – 60″ cassette (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Lumisokea – Mnemosyne (Alter)
Stephan Mathieu – Before Nostromo (Schwebung)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Kasm02 (Kasm)
Abul Mogard – Circular Forms (Ecstatic)
Moon Wheel – Okänt Land (Not Not Fun)
NHK – Program (LINE)
Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta – 邂逅 [Kaikō]  (Farmacia901)
Pye Corner Audio – Stars Shine Like Eyes / Quasar II  EP (Death Waltz)
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – So Long (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Spirits – Sabla (G.O.D.)

>>>>> favorite reissues of 2015:
Patrick Cowley – Muscle Up (Dark Entries)
Sherwood At The Controls (Vol. 1): 1979-1984 (On-U-Sound)
General Magic & Pita – Fridge Trax Plus (Editions Mego)
Julee Cruise – Floating into the Night (Music on Vinyl)
Étant Donnés – Aurore (Penultimate Press)
Mecanica Popular – ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo? (Dead-Cert Home Entertainment)

>>>> favorite single:
Chromatics – Shadow (Italians Do It Better)

>>>>>> rediscovered favorites:
Jakob Ullmann – Fremde Zeit Addendum 4 (Editions RZ)
Eleh | Nana April Jun – Observation & Momentum (Touch)

Mario Cotto
DJ, Radio Host KCRW
Cotto Top 10 Comps of 2015

1. Beautiful Swimmers – Beautiful Swimmers (Trilogy Tapes)
2. Cease & Desist: DIY! Cult Classics From the Post-Punk Era 1978-82 (Optimo Music)
3. Joakim – Far Away Tapes 5 (Far Away)
4. Macadam Mambo DJs – Ultima Sensazione (Macadam Mambo)
5. Mangiami – La Compilation (Golf Channel)
6. Pilooski – 9 (Dirty)
7. Plastic Dance Vol. 1 (Finders Keepers)
8. Prins Thomas Presents Paradise Goulash (Eskimo)
9. Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunset Pts. 1 & 2 (Leng)
10. Science Fiction Dancehall Classics *compiled by Trevor Jackson (On-U Sound)

Jess Rotter
Rotter And Friends 

1. Finally releasing “This Record Belongs To __ “ and seeing kids reactions…
2. Pharaoh Sanders-Pharaoh (1976)-thanks Zach Cowie
3. Kurt Vile- B’Lieve I’m Going Down
5. Can I Go Now? The Life and Times of Sue Mengers
6. Doug Ashdown- Winter In America
7. John Martyn K-Holes (again)
8. Jim O’Rourke -Simple Songs
9. Willow- Branching Out (1974)
10. Doug Hream Blunt -My Name is Doug Hream Blount

Cali Thornhill Dewitt is an artist living and working in Los Angeles.
1. Stormzy – Shut Up (Fire in The Park)
2. Skepta – Shutdown
3. Alone in Istanbul with food poisoning
4. Lost in Tokyo w/ dead phone
5. Lost in Berlin w/ dead phone
6. Tamara Santibañez / Sons Of Anarchy poster
7. Wiki – Lil Me
8. Under Heavy Manners @ V1 Copenhagen
9. Trilogy Tapes
10. Grace Jones @ Hollywood Bowl
Wesley Eisold: Cold Cave / Heartworm Press

Helena Hauff – Discreet Desires
William Basinski – Cascade
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – Anges & Ghosts
Ke/Hil – Zone 0
New Order – Music Complete
Drew McDowall – Collapse
Ramleh – Circular Time
Patti Smith – M Train
Drab Majesty – Careless
Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio
Tropic Of Cancer – Stop Suffering
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge with Sean Ragon and Ryan Martin – Live at the Wick, BK 7.22.15
The Velvet Underground – The Matrix Tapes

Alejandro Cohen

Young Guv – Ripe 4 Luv
Mark Van Hoen – The Worcester Tapes
Sela – Anniversary
Suzanne Kraft – Talk From Home
Stone Roses – re-issues by Light In The Attic
Bouquet – In a Dream
Biosphere Deathprod – Stator
Rollmottle – Fear Ritual
Yo La Tengo – Stuff Like That There
Kid 606 – Escape to Los Angeles

Matt McDermott is a Staff Writer for the online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor. His Dublab radio show, En Plein Air, airs on the second Friday of each month from 4-6 PM. He also helps throw the States of Being parties and DJs around town when friends ask him to.

Top Five

1. Chee Shimizu “Obscure Sound” book – I was at a friend’s house and saw this ridiculous Japanese record guide lying around and ordered it off Amazon Japan immediately. A bible of spiritual, floating, bizarre music. My roommate, a folk hero in his own right, compiled the hundreds of amazing entries into a YouTube playlist. Years of enjoyment even if the damn thing is in Japanese.

2. Highland Park – I’m the latest idiot to discover this neighborhood, but what I like about is that I can stumble into Super A at 11:00 AM and not feel like I’ve intruded on a private Yoga/Prius cult. (eg. Traderjoevia.) Honorable mention Huraches Azteca, Jugos, Estrella, Mount Analog, Truechord Sound Systems.

3. Suzanne Kraft – Talk From Home      pumpkin82     12 hrs 6 mins ago     Reply  There’s an “ambient/balearic/azy (sic)/gentle/elegant” overdose on this year’s album poll. Maybe it should have been called “Albums that we’ve played a lot as background music in RA office because they sound nice and don’t bother us while working”

4. Lena Willikens – Best DJ in the world, hipped me to #1, took me to A-Music in Cologne, told me about other great artists like Inga Mauer and Borusiade. Hopefully 2016 brings the boss back to LA.

5. Hot Mass – Played this Pittsburgh afterhours, located in a gay bathhouse, with my friend Damon Palermo back in January. Best club in the country. That’s all I have to say about that.

Amanda Siegel is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker. If you’ve attended a Mount Analog event in the last 2 years, you’ve probably seen her video work. A diehard Angeleno and former Mount Analog employee, Amanda prefers old stuff but maintains optimism for the future of music.
Top 10 Releases of 2015

Ilitch – 10 Suicides (Reissue, Superior Viaduct)
Thomas Leer – Private Plane / International 12″ (Reissue, Dark Entries)
Rüdiger Lorenz – Southland LP (Reissue, Bureau B)
Mariah  – Utakata No Hibi LP (Reissue, Palto Flats)
Charles Cohen – Brother I Prove You Wrong LP (Morphine)
Ride For Revenge – Ageless Powers Arise LP (Bestial Burst)
Maoupa Mazzocchetti – A-Morality EP (Unknown Precept)
Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering EP (Blackest Ever Black)
V/A – Bureau B Kollektion 4 LP (Bureau B)
Rule of Thirds – S/T LP (No Patience)


Top Two Podcasts:

You Must Remember This, produced by Karina Longworth
Everything Is Stories, produced by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez, and Tyler Wray

Cooper Saver / Far Away
Fulltime Nerd

1. House of Doors – Starcave – Mood Hut
2. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold – Fishpowder Dance – Love Circle
3. Mike Simonetti – Bossa Nova Civic Club Bootleg – 2MR
4. VA – Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 2 – Pacific Rhythm
5. Florist – Phenomena – All Caps
6. Eric Duncan & Justin Vandervolgen – Hard To Breathe – Happy Family
7. Gonno – Obscurant – International Feel
8. VA – Sounds From The Suburbs – Butter Sessions
9. Rex The Dog – Sicko – Kompakt
10. Antigone – Cantor Dust – Token