Micachu ‎– Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill LP

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The singer of Micachu and the Shapes has quite the catalog of randomness from chopped and screwed freak outs to the excellent Under The Skin soundtrack. Feeling Romantic finds the multi faceted artist returning back to the droney conceptual pieces we found on Under The Skin for Demdike Stare’s boutique DDS label. 

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Feeling Romantic
A1 Mean
A2 ADHD High
A3 Chehes
A4 Aw
A5 Sad Swerve
A6 Tummmp
A7 Sadsadsad
B1 Aproach
B2 Lj 16 The Intro
B3 Love Pumping
Feeling Tropical
B4 Butthul
B5 Harpo Dine
B6 Birdies
B7 Uh Represent Tip
B8 Owlies
C1 Church Of Birds
C2 56565656
C3 Cococo
C4 Swallow
C5 Kor
C6 Swipie Dobie
Feeling Ill
C7 Awkward Dreams
C8 Before You Knew
D1 No Reason
D2 Amen – Aimless
D3 Drinking Harpo Dine
D4 Medicine
D5 Rain- Shower Of Rocks
D6 Sun- Direct Sunlight
D7 Ending Git

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