Croatian Amor ‎– Love Means Taking Action LP


‘Love Means Taking Action’ is the new album from the multifaceted Copenhagen-based artist Loke Rahbek under his alias Croatian Amor. On ‘Love Means Taking Action’—without a doubt the project’s strongest work to date—the effect of the perpetual collaging of information is keenly felt. Short, unnerving moments appear with slick familiarity. Voices repeat and quietly glitch through tonal shifts. We are ushered along by the shuddering effect of the samples and field recordings on the pristine synthesis, with motifs and plot lines presented as quickly as they disintegrate. We are enticed to find comfort here but we are not guided through a space as with much ambient music.



A1 An Angel Gets His Wings Clipped
A2 Nadim Call Emergence
A3 No Sex Club (Man)
A4 Any Life You Want
A5 Reality Summit
A6 Like Man
B1 Like Angel
B2 Refugee Turns To Safety
B3 Octopus Web
B4 Nadim Call Emergence II
B5 Like Animal
B6 Love Means Taking Action

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