Various – Happy Land (A Compendium Of Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996) (Volume 2) 2×12″


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The second part of Ed Cartwright’s much-needed retrospective of British electronic music in the post-rave era (’92-’96) – a time of great creativity set against the backdrop of recession and unease at the Conservative government’s harsh policies (sounds familiar etc) – is even more impressive than its predecessor.

Employing the same hard-to-pigeonhole mix of sounds and styles, it confidently strides between mind-mangling IDM psychedelia (a ridiculously rare Richard D James outing as Strider B), dubby and sub-heavy deep house (Slow Rotor’s fantastic ‘Space Disco (Dub Edit)’ and Fretless AZM’s ‘Dreamland’), maximal techno-not-techno (Radioactive Lamb), and unfamiliar selections from familiar favourites (the Black Dog, Richard H Kirk as Sandoz). The package also contains extensive contextualising liner notes from UK dance music historian Matt Anniss