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“Bookending 2020 after a strong first volume, this is another cherry-picked “ambient” family portrait, notably introducing new label additions in the form of tracks by recent recruit Vera Dvale, who follows her ‘Music Is Kinship’ tape with a gorgeous piece of floatation tank ambient, alongside an unmissable bleeping jungle beauty by Os Sienis.

In its purposefully plotted sequence the EP quietly holds attentions but never forces them. The low-key psychic distress of Jonnine’s ‘The Tides Do That With Me’ (also found on her mesmerising “Blue Hills” tape) follows naturally to the flyaway flutes and slowed junglist endorphin release of ‘Power Source’ an original track by Finnish outfit Os/Sienis here re-built by Mika Snickars aka DJ Trip Advisor, and the new age dancehall of ‘Dreams (In My Garden)’ by Georgia. Xvarr focuses that pineal, pastoral energy into the Pye Corner Audio-esque pulse of ‘Elementals’, and DK chases up a superb EP with the Equiknoxx-alike birdcalls and DJ Python-style dembow of ‘Take Me Higher.’

Downbeat – but never morose – good vibes <3"