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Ditto and The Mott Collection are proud to present an edition of the wildly popular Skinhead An Archive for 2020. This edition is limited to 1500 copies and features a new colourway, rugged bind with powder blue spine and thick gold board cover with foil blocked red skinhead girl.

Skinhead: An Archive, is a landmark publication exploring one of the most controversial, misunderstood and radical subcultures. Designed by Jamie Andrew Reid and published by Ditto, with printed material curated by Toby Mott, the book examines this multi-faceted culture through the filter of printed material, zines, posters and films.

Skinhead: An Archive is divided into sub-sections looking at the original iteration of skinhead, the fascist interpretation, the socialist counterpoint, queer skinhead culture, exploitation literature, skin girls, and everything in between.

Skinhead: An Archive features an exclusive font design, developed and adapted from a skinhead article in Penthouse magazine, which is available to download in the Ditto store. Alongside a wealth of unseen visual material, the book contains texts from writers with unique experience of the culture, including Bruce la Bruce and Garry Bushell.

Release date: December 15th 2020

Published by Ditto

Designed by Jamie Andrew Reid

Archive by The Mott Collection