Ramzi ‎– Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé LP


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RAMZi ushers in a new chapter of her fantasy dance and downbeat saga on her FATi Records. Marking up her only solo trip of 2019 following her role with Priori in Jumanjí and guest input for New World Science and SK U Kno, ‘Multiquest-Niveau 1: Camouflé’ sees the Canadian producer shapeshifting between chimeric blends of Balearic acid with Indian classicism and deep house in 11 vision quests destined for smudged-out after-hours and weekend mini-breaks sequestered in your bedroom.

Neatly rubbed of any sharp edges, the chapter gently unfolds along multiple axes at once, taking heads for a swim between heavy-lidded proto-Goan vibes in the easy sashay of ‘Muskin’, to spaces that recall a warmer adjunct to Moon Wiring Club’s phantasmic scene with the likes of her grubbing ‘Rubicon’, and the swirling space of ‘Balmi’, while following hunches into secret dancefloor styles on the milky flow of ‘Attack moussaillon’ or the Jamal Moss-like cubist jazz house of ‘La nuit l’été 1996’, and making spine-tracing use of fragrant vocal samples from UK bhangra star Billy Sagoo’s ‘O Saathi Re’ & ‘Qurbani’ in a style recalling Mappa Mundi’s east/west sampler chops on ‘O Saathi – for Aileen’, while Suzanne Kraft aka SK U Kno joins in the frolics on the dubbed-out radiance of ‘RAMZi’s Anthem’.