Mr. G – The Forced Force Is Not The True Force 3×12″


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A beautiful, deep and personal techno document by Mr. G who is talking the international language of musical expression (spoken and understood by everyone). Expressing his feelings and emotions via his sonic frequency philosophy on probably his most versatile release to date, a 12 track album on Childhood records This is the first time we hear Mr. G diving deep into the soundscapes and deeper dancefloor cuts on this album recorded during the global pandemic. It’s marking a change in his musical vocabulary without losing his rough and raw energetic expressions. It’s telling a story of forgotten places and dreams of the future. Dreams that pay tribute to the past, critical of the present, and still give hope for what’s to come. Always rough and raw, the outstanding sonic frequency design on THE FORCED FORCE IS NOT THE TRUE FORCE will let you dive deeply into a more articulate and sophisticated musical language of Mr. G, while the man still keeps what we all love him for: his genuine distinct rhythms and seductive grooves that he has been sharing with the world for so many years!. — The album is pressed DJ friendly on 3 x 180g 12″ vinyl and includes a download code. —