MOSCA Done Me Wrong / Bax (Green Vinyl) 12″


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This one is a monster. Already supported by Diplo, Jamie xx, Giles Peterson, Annie Mac, Four Tet, Ramadanman, Toddla T, Kode9, Skream and too many more to list. Mosca is one of those people that can turn a crowd at the drop of a needle. Anyone who’s seen his energetic, all encompassing club sets can testify to his levity and the sheer scope of styles he touches on over the course of 60+ minutes. ‘Done Me Wrong’ and ‘Bax’, the two tracks that make up his debut release for us, more than epitomize that approach. Pouring his myriad of influences and musical passions into the one pot, we’re proud to present you with two slices of freewheeling 4×4 Mosca. ‘Done Me Wrong’ unfurls perfectly, gently peeling back the layers of sound – from the starting four to the floor garage beat, through the pregnant swells and vocal turns and on into that bass drop the one that seemingly makes walls surge inward. It contains all the hallmarks of classic garage production; rough, ominous low end, a jacking, infectious beat that works the shoulders constantly and rising pads all sprinkled with that divine measure of Mosca’s infectious energy on top. The call for continual rewinds led him to actually build one into the track, something that doesn’t seem so pre-emptive when you experience for yourself the crowd reaction this one gets every time it breaks. The B-side, ‘Bax’, builds on the formula of ‘Done Me Wrong’, though it unashamably focuses less on layering melody and more on the punishing, physical side of a bassline. The lead line may bubble seductively and when the hi-hat switches come they do drive it through the track’s evolutions, completely changing the trajectory of it when they go double time, but it’s simply the scuffed up, dirty insistence of his bass that drives ‘Bax’ on into you. Concentrating these tracks’ impact down onto the floor works gloriously for Mosca and in aiming to make your feet work overtime, he effortlessly hits that sweet spot that makes you smile broadly all the while you shuffle.