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*Comes with a fold out poster*
LSDXOXO is an artist from Philadelphia who made a name for himself in New York as a DJ and producer. He is known for destroying dancefloors across the underground club scene with his energetic DJ sets, amassing attention for the way that he manipulates mainstream sounds by craftily layering pop tracks and vocal samples between Baltimore club, ghetto house, hardcore, electro and techno. Now residing in Berlin and running his own club night ‘Floorgasm’, LSDXOXO is synonymous with the new wave of techno artists reclaiming black queer spaces and injecting some much-needed fun into the genre. There is a unique sense of humour coupled with a sex-positive narrative that surrounds LSDXOXO’s productions and DJ sets, something that has been epitomised on his debut four-track EP for XL, which for the first time features his own vocals.