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“Aye whats this? Omar-S’ FXHE with a deadly set of Ghettotech x Footwork energies from the Motor City, produced by Milf Melly & King Milo aka Hi Tech, cutting fast tempos with smudged strings and city-at-night romance. It’s full deadly gear, huge tip if yr into anything from Shake Shakir to DJ Nate to Alexander Omar Smith, you know it.

Hitting one of the label’s rarest seams of inspiration, Hi Tech tip the needle up to proper 150bpm+ tempos in a contemporary echo of classic jit steez. While FXHE is best known for deepest, rawest Detroit techno-house, Omar has previously touched ass at this tempo with ‘Jit’ off his debut LP, and more recently on ‘Ain’t No Real Pimps Anymore’, but never indulged quite to this extent, with Hi Tech brandishing a fully fledged combo of quick drums and glyding chords peppered with pitched vox that goes hard, we tell ya.

Built for DJs, the dance, and gas-guzzling road boats, Hi Tech’s debut efforts balance the upfront ghettotech rawness of jit, proper, with a more debonaire flair in 11 parts; tapping in with the Henny-flavoured neon wooze of the opener, and holding the line thru butterfly drums of ‘Big Prism’, to the female vocal kiss of ‘Poppin @ The Suite’ and ‘Funny F*ckwits’; pulling up to ruggedest rap on ‘$$$cashapp’, with MC ‘Milf Melo’ taking the spotlight on it’s juiciest highlight; and ‘I Swear It’s a Bop’ best revealing the sound’s shared DNA with Chicago footwork, beside a Future-facing curtain closer ‘Fitness By King Milo’.

Straight killers, don’t sleep!”