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25 years since his debut LP, French house don Gilb’r’s 2nd album lands with a fragrant bouquet of modular synths and good vibes on his label, Versatile

Not shy of taking a minute away from production – there was a 12 year gap between 2001 and his 2013 return alongside DJ Sotofett – Gilb’r patently does things at his own pace, as with ‘On danse comme des fous,’ a 10 tracks confection dancing like crazy, and not so crazed, between mazy microtonal experiments, lushly drowsy jungle, strolling Afro-disco, and restless but beautifully poised broken beat permutations, with a few strokes of glyding ambient and pastoral electronic flourishes for good measure.

Longtime followers of Gilb’r’s style will know to expect the unexpected, and would be wise to have that in mind here. Like his choice collaborators over the years, such as Ariel Kalma, I:Cube, and DJ Sotofett, he strikes the finest balance of esoteric populism, elegantly moving from the microtonal arabesque ‘Plantlife’ thru nimbly tweaked out drum machine suss on ‘Changa,’ and Goan sand trample of ‘Triangle Days,’ with peaks in the rolling jungle of ‘Reaching’ and scuffed electro wriggler ‘Mr. Knockbottom,’ before getting hands on with his machines to headiest effect in the the album’s lusher 2nd half, particularly the gorgeous sequence from the circled patrol vision ‘Mishandel’ to Balearic Vini Reilly strums of ‘Café del Pip,’ and sultry lilt of ‘Chroea Lasciva.’

At this rate, mark 2046 in your diary for his 3rd album, if we haven’t all woken up in the matrix by then.