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In pursuit of new distinctive and wide-ranging music, Jupiter4 found DVLVCRVZ as an intriguing and enigmatic beatmaker from Texas, well known in the local scene for grow a very own and personal sound that comes from trap and hip hop but is coloured by shoegaze, ambient and noise, submerged in a constant dialogue with tape delays and big room reverberations, creating the sense of cold and distant emotions that represents his own life in music. Edge of reality is a sensitive and unique record that refuses to settle on a specific gender, starting with breaks, beats, pads and deep melodys in the first tracks, to then give space to some voices and lyrics from collaborators as Lunatic and STONEDOGG. The b side shows some New Wave influences with Anxious and concludes with an ode to darkness and a meaningful speech in Bound by evil.
3d amorphous characters are again present on the artwork, and short videos from this ones are displayed on the social media, developed by Buenos Aires based Narf Alvarez.