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High-quality reissue of holy grail 70s Brasil Funk LP, a real Killer record which sounds like nothing else with an incredible combination of tracks mixing Brazilian popular music (MPB), regional Folk, Soul and Funk!

Fatiado’s impeccable reissue of one of the holy grails of Brazilian funk – the monster album that is Di Melo’s 1975 debut. The criminally underrecorded Brazilian singer, songwriter, painter and poet released only two 45s and one album in 1975 earning him comparisons to Brazilian household names like Jorge Ben and Tim Maia, but going missing in action straight after put a stop to that, making him the stuff of legends for decades to come.

Word on the street even insisted he was dead until 2011, when a documentary called ‘Di Melo, A Imorrivel’ (‘Di Melo, the Immortal’) was released, followed by a comeback album and a series of collaborations.

‘Kilario’, ‘Vida em Seus Mtodos Diz Calma’ and ‘Permalonga’ are the most obvious entry points to this album, but it wouldn’t be right to reduce this masterpiece to nothing more than a handful of MPB funk bumpers – this is a brilliant work of art from start to finish, Di Melo’s versatility clearly displaying a singular and unrivaled genius. (RO)


Di Melo’s debut album was originally released in 1975 and it’s a fusion of genuinely Brazilian rhythms with Funk, Soul and the right amount of psychedelia. Di Melo is one of the main Brazilian Soul Music artists, seen by many as talented and musically creative as his peers Jorge Ben and Tim Maia. Di Melo went missing in action from 1976 to 1997, the year his song “A Vida em Seus Mtodos Diz Calma” was on the collection “Blue Brazil” from Blue Note record label. The word on the streets was that he was dead until 2011, when the documentary called “Di Melo, o Imorrvel” (Di Melo, the immortal) was released. In this 2021 edition the album contains the original 1975 insert with lyrics plus photos from personal family archives and for the first time the full credits with all the name of every single musician who tookpart,among them, Hermeto Pascoal.