Critical Amnesia – Critical Amnesia 12″


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“Awesome full squad manoeuvres from the Xambient cohort now known as Critical Amnesia, cycling a flux of electro steppers, mutant hardcore breaks and killer downbeats like Gescom meets Actress after a big slug of K.

Revolving familiar, scene-pioneering artists from US, EU, and Russia – Exael, Perila, Special Guest DJ, Ol, VTGNike, Huerco S – the debut Critical Amnesia platter distills all their most beguiling aspects in a ravishing rush of post-human club ideas that feels like they’re all jacked directly into your head/body at once, yet somehow finding or suggesting a sense of grooving democracy in their murmurating movements.

It’s unneccesary and beside the point to work out who’s doing what, best to go with their woozily diffractive flow, from the scaly underwater steppers pressure of the first, recalling obscured Miami IDM oddities, to a DMT-huffing ’Skit’, and proper Autechrian hyper-steez in the 3rd cut, which surely loosen it up for the recursive ‘ardcore wormholige of the floor-melting 4th number, and an uncannily OOBE-like closer recalling Made or NMB rinsed out by Ghostride The Drift, it you follow?

There’s a lot of strong stuff coming from these quarters right now, and this is among their best we’ve heard. A strong, and rare, example of too many cooks not spoiling the broth here.”