CONNAN MOCKASIN – Caramel (2021 Reissue Splatter Vinyl) LP


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Celebrating 10th anniversary of Connan Mockasin’s both debut album Forever Dolphin Love and career, Phantasy Sound release new editions of longtime out-of-stock Forever Dolphin Love and second album Caramel. Exclusive splatter 2021 edition. The second solo album by New Zealand psychedelic pop musician Connan Mockasin was originally released in 2013. “Taking his talents for strangeness and mood-making in a very different direction, Connan Mockasin’s second solo album is a far cry from the whimsical psych pop he made with the Mockasins, and pretty far removed from his acclaimed 2010 album, Forever Dolphin Love. Yet Caramel does take musical and thematic inspiration from that album’s poignantly woozy title track, which Erol Alkan reworked into an indie club hit. . . . the album overflows with sweetly sensual, acid rock meets-R&B songs and guitars so languid they seem to stretch and drip.” –AllMusic