Buttechno – badtrip 2×12″


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“Pavel Milyakov is an artist from Moscow whose sonic explorations have, alongside his peers, helped form a new frontier in the vast realm of Russian electronica. Under his most familiar alias of Buttechno, his eccentric productions form a continual study into the extremes of rhythm-based music and spatial manipulation. badtrip is a complex meeting of the comic and the deranged. Against a droll backdrop of desolate cities and imposing high rises, his productions sit (un)comfortably at the intersection of overarching paranoia and delirious joy. Moulding grotesque distortions into lively rhythmic frameworks, he invites us to a world that is often disturbed, always fun. Drawing heavily on improvisation, as well as his multimedia background, each track is an unpredictable spiral of altered senses. After a highly acclaimed appearance on the latest trip concept album, as well as an ever-growing catalogue of his own releases, badtrip is an essential package from one of the scene’s most peculiar talents.”