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The notion of pure, classic songwriting is one of the core aspects of Apple and “Oh Yeah” is A.G. Cook’s most direct attempt. The track begins with his untreated vocals placed atop a strummed acoustic guitar singing the entrancing main hook. The video is just as open: Cook is front-and-center performing the song directly to camera. Cook says “the song itself — like most pop music — is really about confidence and escapism, and how bittersweet those things can feel.” Cook further states: “Apple is my own take on Personal Computer Music. I’ve always been interested in the blurred line between bedroom and professional studio production, and at what point a personality either gets created or accidentally takes shape. For me there’s a great sense of freedom in combining something slick with something naive — a reality where anything could happen. In calling the album Apple, I wanted to draw attention to one of the simplest, most everyday objects, which somehow contains references to almost everything imaginable — from computers to The Beatles, New York to Snow White, and an entire world of history and mythology. A little free advertising doesn’t hurt” 7G’s seven instruments (drums, guitar, supersaw, piano, Nord, spoken word, extreme vocals) form the sound palette of Apple. Described by Cook as “threatening to be an instrumental producer album, then becoming a songwriter album,” the album features some of his most ambitious and emotional songwriting, as well as his most vivid sonic ideas as a producer. Together, 7G and Apple showcase Cook’s sheer breadth of ideas, and illustrate why he’s one of the most vital artists working today. Double embossed gatefold sleeve with metallic ink 12-page silver booklet; also includes 24×36 inch double-sided poster and download code.