Mondo Vision: A Pictorial Survey of Mondo 2000 BOOK


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8.75 x 10.5 in.

Digital Press

Lay-Flat binding

First printing of 300

Foreword by Dr. J. Christian Greer

Copyediting by William Bostwick

Special thanks to John Borruso and Bart Nagel

“Mondo imagined a future more far-out than any of its time. In its pages, readers glimpsed a hyper-accelerationist consumer dream of cyberspace made all more frighteningly real – then and now – by its prophetic synthesis of capitalism, psychedelic culture, and the computer age.” – Dr. J. Christian Greer

Mondo Vision is an exploration of the visual culture of Mondo 2000, the iconic cyberculture magazine published 1984-1998, edited by R.U. Sirius and Queen Mu. Under the art direction of Bart Nagel, Mondo reinvented psychedelic aesthetics. This book hopes to capture some of the magic of the artwork that brought Mondo to life.

Artwork by John Borruso, Heide Foley, Jordan Isip, David Glenn Rinehart, Eric Gullichsen, Stephanie Rausser, Ahmet Sibdial Sau, Jill Greenberg, Mark Landman, Chris Cuffaro, Bart Nagel, Brett Leonard, Bruce Pope, Gerry Hurkmans, Kai Kraus, Pierre Fortin, Rebecca Allen and many more.

This publication benefits from the SURPRIZE 2022 award promoted by SPRINT—Independent Publishers & Artists’ Books Salon Milano, Supported by Fondazione Marcelo Burlon.