Zsa Zsa Laboum – Something Scary 12″


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‘”Something Scary” is probably one of the most representative examples of Belgian New Beat as the genre shifted to Hard Beat, by one of the key figures in the explosion of the early Belgian rave scene Rembert De Smet. Starting with the first few seconds of the track, the listener is presented with what could arguably be one of the most unforgettable New Beat acid bass lines to attack the human ear. Very much in your face, characteristic of a genre that emerges from studio experimentation during a time when Chicago Acid was establishing itself and already contaminating the UK. Although relatively simple in terms of production, the way De Smert employs all the elements at play is ingeniously effective, from the simple vocal sample placement to the bassline, propelling it timelessly throughout decades to follow as an iconic example of the Acid sound in Europe. Re-released with two new remixes by the masterful Anatolian Weapons. Remastered at Manmade Mastering in Berlin.’