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IRISIRI, Eartheater’s third full-length record, lays out a shifting network of abstract song craft, laced with sudden structural upheavals and collisions of mutated tropes from numerous sonic vocabularies. Modular synth staccato plucks hammer out in arrhythmic spirals over a carefully muzzled grid of pumping kicks – unleashed in unpredictable disruptions. Technoid stabs mingle with crushed black metal. An icy OS reads poetry against a bed of granular synth swells. Drewchin’s sirening whistle-tone vocals drape over relentless harp arpeggios. Eartheater confounds expectations of structure and resolution before deciding to thread in a sugary melody that snaps us back into some conception, however hazy, of pop songwriting.

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A1 Peripheral 3:04
A2 Inclined 2:32
A3 Not Worried 2:32
A4 Inkling 2:02
A5 MTTM 2:54
A6 Inhale Baby 3:02
A7 Curtains 3:00
B1 Slyly Child 2:25
B2 Switch 4:37
B3 Trespasses 4:55
B4 MMXXX 2:31
B5 C.L.I.T. 3:56
B6 OS in Vitro 1:46

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