Beta Librae – Daystar LP


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” NYC’s Beta Librae dances back to Incienso with bags of 2-step, dream-pop, beatdown and mutant electro-house kinks on their 2nd album for Anthony Naples’ label

Some five years since Beta Librae’s ‘Sanguine Bond’ sets the tone for Incienso alongside early heat like DJ Python’s superb ‘Dulce Compañia’, the Brooklyn-based artist steps and shuffles around similar, warped templates of ‘90s club music with a pronounced latin accent. Echoes of OG, lean UKdark garage and early dubstep inform her opener ‘Penny Universities’, and the deftly cut dumb chords and garage slosh of ‘Late at Night’ sounds like Martyn gone trip hop/dream-pop. ‘megafauna’ modulates the swing with nagging, tail-chasing acid lines, and ‘The Dance Class’ simmers down to minimalist, slinky electro-house options for movement.

The 2nd half follows a more introspective course with sizzling latinate tresillo trills in ‘Mammoth Melting Butter’ recalling label mate DJ Python, before taking it right down there with the slippery psychedelic shape of ‘Tea Too’ and her fluttering dream house ace ‘Bodhicitta’. “