Anatolian Weapons – Sound Metaphors Remixed Pt. 1 12″


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Mini-album releases featuring a collection of 5 tracks from the Sound Metaphors catalogue masterfully remixed by Anatolian Weapons.

Sound Metaphors gives they keys of the label’s catalogue vaults to Aggelos Baltas aka Anatolian Weapons and this is the result. 5 tracks previously released on our labels now submitted to the studio prowess of the Greek machine. Dubbed out, tripped out, slowed down, sped up, mind blown. Aggelos brings his distinctive flavor to the table and re-constructs some of our dacefloor oriented favorites from the early 90’s. From California’s Exist Dance label to Italian underground tracks and even a Disciples’ number, Aggelos cherry picks his weapons for the most spaced out of dance floors, sounding big and effective, can’t go wrong.