marshstepper-live-in-los-angeles-credit-miwah-leeHailing from the forbidding badlands of Arizona, Marshstepper is an incohesive and multidisciplinary artist platform. Chaos and confusion being central to their live acts, Marshstepper follow a strongly iconoclastic approach in its methods of sound, dance, music and imagery. Their use of not only volume and violence, but also humor, spontaneity, silence and euphoria as a means to confront the generally passive experience of being in an “audience” leaves them distinct in a genre of humorless and colorless nostalgia. A Marshstepper performance is a crazed abstraction of sense and style, a manic, irrational riot aimed at the dissolution of reality, identity and the distinction between artist and audience, spectator and spectacle.
Affiliations: Ascetic House, Downwards