Croatian Amor




Croatian Amor is the solo work of Copenhagen based Loke Rahbek, known for his involvement in running the Danish record label Posh Isolation as well as his numerous projects including Damien Dubrovnik, Lust for Youth, Vår and most recently-formed the electronic quintet Body Sculptures.

The work of Croatian Amor mixes textures of post industrial with an underlying pop sensibility. There’s often a strong sense of narrative in the releases and cinematic trades to the synth driven music. Thematically the work of Croatian Amor deals with communication and relations, especially how these are subject to change with each new generation. There is an element of fantasy, or maybe even science fiction to the work of Croatian Amor yet through a largely fictional and candycoloured platform, Croatian Amor explores a very real subject matter.

“There is a scene in the movie ”The Fifth Element” where an angelic bodied female singer presents a key she has carried inside her stomach. I watched it on my computer, on the plane and thought about how it would be, to be in a body like that. I say that Lilja 4-ever is one of my favourite movies, I never watch it though, i cant. Perhaps if Lilja had a body like the blue singer it would have been different and i would watch it more often. Perhaps then there would not be the same need for having Rammstein on the soundtrack. There is a surgical suite at The Wild Palms where i believe a procedure like that is possible, it is costly however.” 

Affiliations: Posh Isolation