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  • Damien Dubrovnik


    Formed in 2009, Damien Dubrovnik is a Danish electronic duo of Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek, founders of the Copenhagen based record label Posh Isolation. In their day job as label managers, Stadsgaard and Rahbek have been instrumental in establishing the city’s unique and prolific noise and punk community. As a label Posh Isolation has […]

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  • Andy Votel


    Andrew Shallcross is a music fanatic and has been since school. Hailing from Stockport, Manchester’s largely unsung sibling, Andy began collecting records aged 14. It was the mechanics of hip-hop production that spurred his search for original samples on vinyl, with his father teaching him how to make his first “wrong-sounding” demos using cassette tapes. […]