Emerald Web – Traces of Time (A Musical Anthology) CS

1987 Deadstock sealed copy

1. Variations On Pachelbel’s Canon
2. Earthrails
3. Awakening
4. Valley Of The Birds
5. Ice Caves
6. View From The Window Seat
7. Whispered Vision

Ethereal textures and flowing, cascading passages. This extended play album is a musical anthology which includes music from previous Emerald Web albums plus, “Pachelbel’s Canon”. Inspiring and calming. Flutes, Lyricon, and Synthesizers. A New Age Classic!

Price: $20.00

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Christian Cosmos – Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead LP (Colored Vinyl)

Released first as a limited-edition quadruple-cassette box set, now condemned to vinyl. As part of the trinity of electronic projects where DOMINICK FERNOW of PRURIENT, examines anxiety and fear, lightning drums pound the rhythms for lost souls, trumpets of the heavens command the threshold, ancient notes and structures are scrambled and returned with information loss. Soundtrack for judgement of souls.

100 copies on “Body and Blood” colored vinyl.

Price: $35.00

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Morphosis – Too Far (Dettmann’s Definitions) 12″ *USED*


Marcel Dettmann delivers 2 crushing after-hours techno remixes to Morphosis’s “Too Far”


Price: $30.00

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E-Man – E-Man CS *USED*

The Tapeworm limited edition cassette version of this classic.
Limited to 350 copies from 2009

Price: $25.00

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