Patricia – Autonomy EP

Autotomy is a collaboration between Belgium’s Sleeperhold Publications, Brooklyn-based musician Patricia (Max Ravitz) and the Dutch artist Louis Reith. This output is the result of a long process of contemplation, discussion and elimination which gave us a record that encapsulates both Patricia’s sense for hardware production and dance floor rawness. Describing this release is not a simple task. So we’ll just tell it like it is: it’s a record that slows down and, in this process, reveals its mystery. Referencing the title of this release, wunderkind Max Ravitz seems to provide the listener with the possibility of transformation, a way to shed part of your own being.

When running though the tracks, one discovers the essentials of Patricia’s sound architecture: the presence of lightness, of longing, mixed with the ability to deny it in the next instant. Sonically, there’s a careful balance in these productions that belies their fundamental function as body music. It’s ambient yet danceable, approachable despite it’s often deconstructed layout, and ultimately warm and inviting.

The entire record is made using Ravitz collection of hardware, which gives it its uncompromising texture. The presence of kicks, beats and soundscapes does not originate from a clean digital source but from a physical action, an excerpt of movement, a tick of the human hand. It is floating versus rhythmical movement, visceral versus strict. But above all, it is alive.

The artwork used for Autotomy’s sleeve design and the etching on the B-side was provided by Louis Reith. (All three tracks feature on the record’s A-side.) Just as Patricia, Reith tries to resist technology in favour of physical and craft-based media, though the contrast between digital and analog is always present.

Dutch artist Louis Reith produces works through a variety of different media, ranging from collages to wood sculptures, to paper objects and ink on paper works, always keeping an interest in simple abstract shapes and their combination. With an interest in materiality Louis resurrects found footage and creates new landscapes of shape and color, celebrating the human hand at work. Deliberate compositions form an illegible visual language where hidden words are portrayed as abstract sculptures.Reith also co-runs Jordskred, an independent publishing company worth checking out.

Ravitz certainly is unstoppable and releases in a relentless and uncompromising fashion.

Besides many collaborative projects with an array of artists (released under monikers such as Masks, Pulpo, Inhalants, DSR.MR…) he’s released music on labels like Opal Tapes, L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions, Ghostly Intl.,… 2017 has been quite a year for him so far. He not only founded his own imprint, Active Cultures, but also released a triple LP. Ghostly Intl. describes the release as a “kaleidoscopic, a multi-faceted techno trip” and we couldn’t agree more.

Official tracklist
1. Learned Behavior (6:14)
2. Diminished Feeling (4:58)
3. Looking Outside (4:18)

Available formats and quantities:
– Vinyl only, 350 pressed copies.

Description of physical packaging:
– One-sided LP. A-side contains music, B-side contains an artist etching (done by Louis Reith)

180 gram vinyl.26

Price: $26.00

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Dean Grenier & Hej Fund – Grist EP

“LA-based label Sister City Limited sees its fourth release from two thirds of its label counterparts, Dean Grenier and Hej Fund. Dean Grenier, with singles on Tectonic, Symbols and Photek Productions, continues to move from his roots in American underground bass music into more techno-infused sounds. Hej Fund is James Campbell from LA, a student of percussion, who specializes in rhythm tracks, heavy drums and random synth experiments.” 

Price: $6.00

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Powell – Sylvester Stallone 12″

“Powell’s knockout debut EP for XL sounds like nothing else. Club music in extremis.”

Price: $15.00

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Jock Club – In the Kings Court 12″

Ascetic House mainstay Jock Club releases more booming techno for the dancers and the djs. This time on Nashville’s Designer Medium Hardware with four heaters. 

Price: $12.00

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Umfang – Symbolic Use of Light LP

“UMFANG makes her debut on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint with “Symbolic Use Of Light”. Previously sharing her analogue-based rhythmic excursions via videogamemusic, 1080p, Phinery and Allergy Season, the New Yorker is a co-founder of Brooklyn’s colossal Discwoman crew and resident at Bossa Nova Civic Club’s Technofeminism monthly.”

Price: $24.00

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Yves Tumor – Serpent Music LP


“Painstakingly written from pieces developed upon since 2013, the new record, titled ‘Serpent Music’, was initially composed as a soul record – based around delicate and emotive songwriting in various forms. It was a highly difficult project to undertake on both a creative and personal level, weaving thematic links through paranoia, social anxiety, and missing loved ones. “The songs come from a much more emotional and very vulnerable place… They’re very close to me and I’ve been cautious of how I would eventually present them to the world.” he explains.

The album spans sonically diverse and richly-textured pieces, formed from live, organic instruments, samples and various field recordings. Dreamlike lo-fi psychedelia sits alongside broken electronic experimentations, ambient compositions between abrasive noise offer insight into a haunting otherworld. From melodic choral vocals and soaring synths, to screeching guitar riffs, dramatic spoken word samples and live drumming, ‘Serpent Music’ evidently moves through a strange and intriguing personal journey.”

Price: $28.00

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Drew McDowall – Collapse LP

“Recorded in 2015 in Brooklyn, NY, McDowall’s synonymous modular synthesizer compositions are augmented by obtuse sampling cut-ups and contributions from Nicky Mao (Hiro Kone / Effi Briest) rounding out the lumbering sequential knot work that has become synonymous with McDowall and craft. All bundle orders ship with clear red vinyl.”

Price: $18.00

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Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Sun Draw Water 7″

A. Sun Draw Water

B. Untitled

Limited, hand-stamped white label 7″

Price: $15.00

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D.A.R.F.D.H.S. – Morkret, kylan, tystnaden & ensamheten LP

Emotional northern ambient from Varg and Michel Isorinne recorded during the desolate Swedish winter.

Price: $18.00

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Varg – Story Of K LP

Jonas Ronnberg aka Varg with a mini album themed around dominance and glamour. This is the statement of Penthouse Electronics.

Price: $16.00

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Varg – Ursviken LP

icy live electronics.

Price: $26.00

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Isorinne – Reflections of Forgotten Dreams 12″

A1 Blurred Perceptions Of Substance 
A2 Reality Is What You Can Get Away With 
A3 Whereabouts Unknown 
B1 Without Tears 
B2 Terrestrial Measure
B3 Untitled

Stunning downtempo ambient techno excursions. 

Price: $14.00

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Mattheis – Kindred Phenomena LP

A1 Herds 
A2 Ben_m (Tidal Fields Version) 
B1 Ben_m 
B2 Bit Fragments 
C1 Swell 
C2 PR6 
D1 PR8 
D2 Current

Price: $22.00

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Master Suspiria Vision – Antropophagus (The Giallo Disco Remixes) 12″

Book Of Eibon (Parasols Remix) 
Absurd (Vercetti Technicolor Remix) 
Die 7 Tore Des Schreckens (Xander Harris Remix) 
Voices (Antoni Maiovvi Remix) 
Sette Porte Dell Inferno (Mater Suspiria Vision Inferno Veneziano Remix

“For those not in the know Mater Suspria Vision are one of last remaining first wave of Witch House, proceed without prejudice, MSV were a truly bizarre one of a kind group. Combining Cosmic style with early Krautrock experimentation, bootleg VHS and a wild sense of humour, MSV have been one of our favourite groups for a long time. We’ve taken their last LP Antropophagus and run it through the Giallo Disco filter, featuring remixes by Xander Harris, Parasols AKA Ali Renault, Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor. Mastered by Alek Stark, Art by Eric Lee and Giorgio Anselmi”

Price: $14.00

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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Water Witches 8xCS BOX SET

Edition of 200 copies, 5 hours of music, Deluxe Box Set including 9 albums housed in a custom cartridge clamshell, including a download card for the full set. Pro-Duped tapes, on-body printing and fully remastered by Paul Corley in 2017.

Price: $100.00

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