Various – Midnite Spares LP

“On ‘Midnite Spares’, Australian music devotees András and Instant Peterson hold a candle to overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by antipodean artists and outsiders working through the 80s and 90s. Through co-presenting weekly radio show ‘Strange Holiday’, the duo slowly upturned their locale for inspiration – archives, country bookstores, private collections and convenience stores, searching for a place to anchor their own identities in the oceans of the island continent. The 10 tracks acknowledge a minor history, passed on via a network of friends, friends of friends, the libraries of radio station 3RRR and more often than not, the artists themselves.”

A1 –Maria Kozic & The MK Sound Trust Me
A2 –Whadya Want? Open Spaces 
A3 –Poets Of The Machine Arabs
A4 –The Couch Full Treatment 
A5 –→ ↑ → Sedation 
B1 –The Igniters Hakka Suru
B2 –Mumbo Jumbo (7) Wind It Up 
B3 –Mix (2) Do You Do It?
B4 –Cameron Allan And Graham Bidstrup Bikini Atoll
B5 –Foot And Mouth I Want My Mummy

Price: $26.00

JD Twitch – Far Away Chants: On U-Sound Pt. 2 CS

The the follow-up to ‘Are People People?’ the first 100-minute JD Twitch mix of favourites and obscurities from the On-U back catalogue. Whereas the first mix concentrated on the more post-punk and avant-garde Adrian Sherwood productions, this sequel goes deep into the dub side of things with another 100 minute version excursion.

Price: $15.00

Lifetones – For A Reason LP

LP version in Stoughton tip-on gatefold sleeve. “Political post-punk trio This Heat dissolved at a turbulent time in the UK. Margaret ‘The Iron Lady’ Thatcher was in power, and her budget-cutting, ultra-conservative influence was felt strongly in — among many other places — the cultural melting pot of Brixton, South London, where This Heat had their origins. Dusting himself off after the collapse of the band in 1982, guitarist/vocalist Charles Bullen united with Julius Samuel to form Lifetones and embraced the sounds of the local West Indian community to fuse reggae flavor to the kind of propulsive, rhythmic, and experimental music made by This Heat. Deceit, This Heat’s 1981 album, had seen them work with David Cunningham, who had already helped mesh dub reggae with new wave pop on The Flying Lizards’ 1979 single, ‘Money (That’s What I Want Want).’ Even so, For A Reason was a great leap, one that created a strange, unsettling mood as Bullen’s multi-tracked, chant-like vocals met dub beats and Krautrock-informed repetition. Where Deceit dealt with the nuclear threat, For A Reason was less reactionary, even quoting Bob Marley in its lyrics: ‘you love the life you live, you live the life you love.’ Just six tracks and half an hour long, the album was recorded at Cold Storage studio and released on Bullen’s own Tone Of Life Records. It has become a sought-after collector’s item that changes hands for hundreds of dollars a time. As a solo artist, Bullen was not prolific — it was 15 years until, in 1998, he released Internal Clockunder the name Circadian Rhythms — but like the rest of his band, he has enjoyed a long, enriching career in unending pursuit of new sounds. Even though This Heat had no commercial success to follow up on, For A Reason was an album created with no intention of hitting the charts. Reissued on Light In The Attic, Lifetones’ single album retains a timeless quality and perhaps — on tracks such as ‘Good Side’ — a futuristic sound that nobody else ever caught up to.”

Price: $30.00

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Apophenia – Digiflik CS

Cassette Store Day 2014 release. 50 copies worldwide. A digital reggae mixtape. Compiled by Chuggy (Stuart Leith). Mixed by Piers (Soft Rocks). Antoine Rouge (Tim Fairplay) did live dub and FX.

Price: $10.00

Colonell Elliott & The Lunatics – Interstellar Reggae Drive LP

Moog/electronic reggae holy grail album from 1973 back on wax in full pic sleeve. Classic TROJAN riddims with legendary prog/psych keyboardist KEN ELLIOT creating groovy instrumental space reggae, it’s STAR TREK, SWITCHED ON & TIGHTEN UP wrapped up in one! 10 trx inc JOE MEEK’s “TELSTAR”.

Price: $14.00