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The Brown brothers emerge from the depths of California with a new collection of oozing drone centred on heavy visions of negative west coast mythology.
Darkness is never far away from a Robedoor session, and their first album in four years finds Alex and Britt Brown dealing with multiple seismic life events. Naturally this results in quite a powerful listen, Robedoor’s sludge even denser and mired in more pain and crepuscular mysticism.
The brothers craftily let the gloom seep in slowly over the course of opener Low Life, a distant scream edging ever closer over the enveloping crush of riffs. This gloom soon defines ‘New Age Sewage’ however, the Browns conjuring some demonic form of cannibalistic sludgery on The Tunnel whilst the pummelling Mage Image sounds like fellow West Coast mystic Pod Blotz getting chopped and screwed.

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