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A1 Utterfly FX 
A2 Ecdysisyphus 
A3 RIP Chrysalis 
A4 Humyn Hymn 
A5 Mask Therapy 
A6 Herstory Of Platypus 
B1 Petal Head 
B2 Wetware 
B3 If It In Yin 
B4 Metamorphlexible

"RIP Chrysalis is Alexandra Drewchin's second full-length album under the Eartheater moniker released on Hausu Mountain in 2015. At any given moment, an Eartheater composition reads somewhere between a folk song, a musique concrète collage, and a filmic suite fit to soundtrack a cosmic montage that only she can imagine in full detail. Her intricate ballad arrangements rise from standing pools of hi-fidelity synthesis, while her dynamic vocal performances span an untold number of tactics and tonalities. Eartheater builds layered electronic productions possessed of enough detail to constitute stand-alone worlds, each weighted thick with text and texture."

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